D3 is a single acting rod seal designed to have inner lip shorter than the outer lip and additional sealing lip which improves the leakage  behavior and, at the same time, prevents the entry of contaminations from the wiper side.


  • High wear resistance

  • Superior sealing effect with the secondary lip

  • Secondary sealing lip provides extra protection against the ingress of dirt particles

  • Wide range of dimensions

  • Simple groove design

  • Easy assembly into closed grooves


Construction machinery, fork-lift trucks, injection moulding machines, agricultural machinery, loading platforms and standard cylinders.


Easily assembled into closed grooves according to the minimum diameter values that are given in the below table. Open grooves or special assembly tools should be used for the values that are outside this table. It is very important that the assembly tools must be of soft material and have no sharp edges. Before installation the sealing element must be oiled with system oil.


 The permissible sealing gap values of D3 is given below.

PU 94 SHR 1PU9401
Surface roughnessRaRmax
Sliding Surface Ød≤0.4 μm≤3.2 μm
Groove Base ØD≤1.6 μm≤10 μm
Groove Flanks≤3.2 μm≤16 μm

Permissible sealing gap

S max (mm)
t=(D-d)/2 (mm)150 Bar250 Bar400 Bar


MediaMineral oils (DIN 51524)HFA HFBHFC
Temperature-30 °C
+100 °C
+5 °C
+50 °C
-30 °C
+40 °C
Pressure≤400 bar≤400bar≤400 bar
Speed≤0.5 m/sec≤0.5 m/sec≤0.5 m/sec

Minimum diameter values for closed type of grooves

(D-d)/2 (mm)4567.71012.515
d min (mm)2530405080100105

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