Depth and Width Caliper mainly has three measuring functions: inner groove depth, inner groove width and deep bore diameter. It is specially designed for measuring the dimensions of seal groove. Digital display include metric(mm), inch(decimal) and inch(fraction). Measuring range: 0-200mm.


the regular button battery is not included. The model is LR44.


A. Depth

1. Pick out one pin at the backside: 3/8", 3/4" 10mm or 20mm:

2. Insert into the proper hole, press on a flat metal surface, then reset to zero;

3. Put the caliper in the groove and push forward the pin until it reaches the very bottom;

4. The negative value displayed on the caliper is the depth of the groove.

B. Width

Push the jaws at the tail of the Caliper into the groove with no less than 17mm, and then get the width measurement value directly.

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