Working temperature: -30/+80 °C

Limit temperature 130°C

Manufactured from 100Cr6 bearing steel, hardened and manganese phosphated. Standard radial clearance C0. Contact surfaces lubricated with MoS2.GE ZO-2RS have sliding seals.


For heavy applications, alternate loads and where there may happen bumps on bearings, as: building machineries, hydraulic cylinders, tie rods and stabilizers for industry, automotive and naval hinges.

H GE25ZO2527.64122190.12
H GE31ZO31365027230.23
H GE34ZO3438.65530260.35
H GE38ZO3841.26133280.42
H GE44ZO4450.77138330.64
H GE50ZO5057.98044380.93
H GE57ZO5764.99050421.33

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