NAK WEAR-PRO Shaft Repair Sleeves are a highly engineered steel sleeve made of high-quality stainless steel with precise finish and hardness. Eliminating damage to shafts and sindles, NAK Sleeves provide a protective seal running surface and reduce the need for complex, esxpensive traditional shaft repair processes or replacement involving diassembling and machining the shaft.


  • Very thin-walled design allow the same size of steal to be used

  • Cost-effective

  • Simple and quick installation

  • Precise surface finish achived by advanced plunge grinding technology
  • High grade surface hardness to ensure abrasion resistance


WEAR-PRO Sleeves can be used anywhere there is a radial shaft seal such as in industrial gearboxes, motors, pumps, reducers, construction and agriculture equipment and automotive parts.


This thin-walled Sleeve can be easily placed over right position of the shaft with the assembly tool, and it provides smooth counter-surface for the radial shaft seals.

Material and Specification

Stainless SteelSAE 30304
Galvanized steelJIS G3302 SGCC

Surface roughness

0.20-0.80 µm1-5 µm6.3 µm

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