SEAL CLASPER is designed for the installation of PTFE piston seal. It can clasp the seals back to the groove, with seal ranging from 50mm to 360mm. The stainless steel belt is adjustable according to the dimension of seals, and the HPU triangle protector prevents the seal from damage in the pressing process.


As the seal is constricted into the groove, excessive force must NOT be applied on the levers, as it may cause the damage of both tool and the seal itself.


1.By pressing the turn dial we can set the length of the metal stripe, according to the size of the seal to be constricted.

2.Pull the turn dial out, and turning it clockwise we can shorten the diameter of the metal loop until it is almost alligned with the seal outer diameter.

3.Open the lever arms of the tool, and press them together, thus the PTFE seal is constricted into the groove.

4.If the seal is fitted, pull down the sliding knob on the moving lever arm until it clicks. This way the loop releases.

5.Remove the loop from over the piston and by turning the dial clockwise, the metal loop can be widthdrawn into the tool body.

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