Special, hard to reach grooves and improper installation techniques are the major fault factor of seal installation and faulty seals. Seals mounted with these tools have only minimal risk of damage.

By using these tools, the installation will be risk free and speedy in the same time. The tool bends the PU seal items in omega shape, without making sharp angles.. Thus the seal diameter becomes smaller than the groove diameter and it can be easily inserted into the groove. 


4 different size tools with a fastener plastic shape.

Technical features

Weight: 0,84 kg • Size: 27,3cm x 18,8cm x 2,4cm

Can be used in the size range of: 22 mm - 165 mm 

Tool S: <30 mm

Tool M: 30-50 mm

Tool L: 50-70 mm

Tool XL: 70- 165 mm

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